Is your Altima in need of some new parts? If so, you’ve got an important decision on your hands. Choosing to replace old parts with genuine Altima parts would be our recommendation. These are sold at most dealerships, and they replicate original equipment.

Dealers Only Deal With Genuine Altima Parts

If you purchase the equipment at the dealership, you can rest assured that the equipment has been delivered straight from the factory. While they may command higher prices, their benefits far outweigh the potential downsides.

Metro Nissan Dallas Parts

Metro Nissan Dallas Parts

Compared to Aftermarket Parts, These Are Far More Reliable:

Since they are built to factory specs, they will fit your ride perfectly. Factory standard equipment always operates the best when it comes to something like your car. Using aftermarket parts would be like trusting a stranger to replace your air filter. In other words, it wouldn’t make much sense.

Genuine Part Benefits

  • Enhanced Reliability:
    Purchasing parts straight from the dealer ensures that they function reliably. Nowhere seems like a good place to break down. Whenever you have engine problems, choose original equipment. It’ll get you going far without all the hassle.
  • Better Warranties:
    Warranties are great when you need them. Aftermarket parts don’t come with warranties most of the time. Altima equipment will always have a standard warrant. Should something happen, that’ll take care of it for you.
  • More Reliable Service:
    Besides the equipment, you’ve always got to consider who does the work. At the dealer, anyone touching your car must have their proper certifications. With aftermarket parts, things are not so black-and-white.

OEM Equipment Comes With a 12-month/12,000-mile Warranty

Driving entails a bi0t of risk regardless of your precautions. Still, if you can avoid precarious circumstances, it seems as if that would be the best decision. So, these warranties are perfect for those unexpected accidents.

  • Even If Something Happens, You’ll Be Taken Care Of:
    Accidents involve more than enough for you to worry about already. Thinking about how you will pay for another part shouldn’t be on your mind. If you have a warrant on your equipment, it won’t be.
  • Replacing a Warrantied Piece of Equipment Is a Breeze:
    Let’s say you did need to get a replacement. In that case, you to take the car to the dealer. A technician would inspect the vehicle to ensure the equipment was under warranty. Assuming everything checks out, they’ll take the car off your hands. Then, they’ll bring it right back to you, as if it were brand-new.

Altima Parts Designed to Work Just Like the Original

Cars are highly intricate pieces of equipment. You wouldn’t trust an amateur to design something exactly the same as the original. Most of the time, you’d expect something like that to perform worse. Aftermarket parts advertise themselves quite effectively. However, the reality isn’t always as pretty as they would have you believe.

Aftermarket Parts Advertise Performance Enhancements:

Keep an eye out for bold claims of performance enhancement. More often than not, such claims don’t hold any water. Under closer scrutiny, they rarely stand up to advertised statistics.

Original Equipment Is Reliable Equipment:

Although you may not experience a boost in performance, you’ll be able to rely on your vehicle. At the end of the day, getting your Altima on the road is the goal.

Despite Higher Upfront Costs, They Are a Better Investment in the Long Run

If you asked people what the downsides of OEM equipment are, they would talk about money. Since they tend to cost a bit more than aftermarket equipment, people balk at the price tags.

However, you’ve got to keep in mind all the benefits those price tags entail.

You’ll get a piece of equipment that is built to function as if it were the original. Plus, on top of that, you’ll have a warranty to go with it. That way, even if something happens, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Sometimes, Aftermarket Parts Void a Car’s Warranty

Before installing anything, read the details of your vehicle’s warranty. You’d be surprised how often there’s a clause that prohibits such modifications. If you had something like that installed, it could void the warranty entirely. We’d recommend against that.

Dealership Technicians Are Certified by Nissan

Nobody should work on your vehicle without proper certification. Dealership technicians attend certified courses. This ensures they know how the job is done. That way, when they work on your car, their results are flawless. You wouldn’t want anyone who didn’t know what they were doing to put their hands on your car.

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