Almost every major auto brand is turning away from pure gas-powered cars and toward hybrid and all-electric vehicles. Throughout this gradual shift, Nissan has been one of the pioneers in the all-electric vehicle industry. In fact, Nissan designed and distributed the very first-ever mass-produced all-electric vehicle—the Nissan LEAF—way back in 2010 when all-electric vehicle tech was still rudimentary and producing all-electric models was not yet even in the thoughts of many major auto brands. The technology that powers the all-electric vehicles of today has Nissan to thank for laying the foundation for such all-electric tech with their LEAF model. Will there be more Nissan EVs in Dallas coming soon?

The Nissan LEAF is an all-electric hatchback model. It is fun to drive and has a sporty, athletic feel on the road with its smooth and speedy acceleration. The LEAF comes equipped with either a standard 40 kWh battery or an available 62 kWh battery and can travel up to 226 miles on a single charge when equipped with a 62 kWh battery. It is compatible with three different levels of quick and convenient charging options that allow you to easily charge your Nissan LEAF at home or on the go. 

Along with the Nissan LEAF—which is still an integral part of Nissan’s electric vehicle lineup even more than a decade after it was originally released—Nissan is introducing a new vehicle to their all-electric collection with the upcoming release of the Nissan Ariya in 2021 for the 2022 model year.

Expect More Nissan EVs in Dallas Soon

Expect More Nissan EVs in Dallas Soon

The 2022 Nissan Ariya is a crossover SUV that has a sleek and stylish design and offers impressive performance on the road. It is available with both standard and long-range batteries and two- or all-wheel drive. This SUV offers excellent acceleration with power equivalent to 389 horsepower and an impressive battery range of about 300 miles. It is also available with quick-charging options that allow its drained battery to charge to 80 percent in less than an hour. 

Nissan also has another all-electric vehicle in the works. This auto brand will soon be introducing a brand-new all-electric subcompact crossover SUV—its name and exact release date are not yet known. This exciting all-electric crossover model from Nissan is expected to be a city-sized subcompact SUV that is smaller than the Nissan Ariya SUV. 

It will likely be available in single- and dual-motor versions with a battery range of approximately 250 miles on a single charge. This upcoming EV from Nissan is also expected to offer more cargo and passenger room than the Ariya—even though it will be smaller than the Ariya—and will be notably more affordable than the larger Ariya model. 

Whether you have your eye on the redesigned Nissan LEAF, the all-new Ariya, or want to hold out for the upcoming subcompact crossover SUV that Nissan is planning to release soon, you can’t go wrong with a Nissan EV. 

Where to Buy a Nissan EV in Dallas 

If you’re in the market for one of Nissan’s all-electric vehicles and are located in or around the city of Dallas, Texas, check out Metro Nissan of Dallas when you start shopping for your Nissan EV. Metro Nissan of Dallas is one of the top-rated Nissan dealerships in the Dallas area due to its broad inventory, state-of-the-art parts and service center, and excellent customer service. 

Metro Nissan of Dallas is an official Nissan dealership that is located in Dallas, Texas. This professional dealership offers one of the widest selections of both new and pre-owned Nissan vehicles among all Nissan dealerships in the area. They also have on-lot parts and service center that offers maintenance, repair, and part replacement services for all Nissan vehicles. 

Before you head to the Metro Nissan of Dallas dealership’s lot to purchase your new or new-to-you Nissan EV, you can complete some of the prerequisites for buying a car from the comfort and convenience of your own home on Metro Nissan of Dallas’s website. This dealership’s website offers customers a variety of options that save time on their actual dealership lot. You can view their inventories of both new and pre-owned vehicles, get an estimate for your trade-in vehicle, apply for financing plans, and schedule maintenance or repair services for your Nissan directly from the Metro Nissan of Dallas website. 

Metro Nissan of Dallas is currently home to a wide selection of Nissan LEAF models and the all-new 2022 Nissan Ariya and the upcoming to-be-announced all-electric vehicle from Nissan will certainly be available on their dealership lot as soon as these models hit the mainstream auto market for purchase.