Every car undergoes normal wear and tear over time, even if you take impeccable care of it. However, there are things you can do to minimize the effects of this wear and tear as your car gets older and you log more miles on it. The most important and most effective way to take care of your car is to get it serviced on a regular basis—even if there is nothing apparently wrong with your vehicle.  In order to keep your car in like-new condition for as long as possible, it is important to keep up with its recommended maintenance schedule. If you drive a Nissan vehicle, this means getting an oil change every 3 months, getting your tires rotated and your vehicle thoroughly inspected every 6 months, etc. There are several benefits to have your Nissan service done at a dealership.

If it’s time to take your Nissan somewhere to get serviced, you can take it to either a local independent auto body shop or a Nissan car dealership in your area that has parts and service center. Many drivers are torn between taking their car to get serviced at an auto body shop versus a dealership because there are advantages and disadvantages of each of these options. However, it is generally a better idea to trust an official car dealership to service your vehicle. Here are 5 reasons why you should get your Nissan serviced at a dealership.

There are several benefits to have you Nissan service done at a dealership

There are several benefits to have your Nissan service done at a dealership

  1. Skilled Technicians 

Technicians at Nissan dealerships are specially trained to work only on Nissan vehicles. They undergo extensive ongoing training and certification courses in order to keep up with the latest techniques, tools, and equipment that Nissan recommends for use on Nissan vehicles during maintenance and repair services. 

While the technicians at your local auto body shop might be very skilled, they likely work on a wide variety of vehicle brands, and chances are very low that they have the same level of specialized training to work specifically on Nissan vehicles that technicians at a Nissan dealership have. Taking your Nissan to an official Nissan dealership allows you to get more specialized service for your vehicle.

  1. OEM Parts 

One major underrated advantage of getting your Nissan serviced at a dealership is that official Nissan dealerships only use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts on the vehicles they service. Many independent auto body shops, on the other hand, use third-party parts because they are cheaper and easier to access. 

This is problematic because some third-party parts can cause additional issues in your vehicle and may even void your car’s warranty—many vehicle warranties are only valid if your car includes all of its original parts or exact OEM duplicates of its original parts. 

  1. Warranty-Covered Maintenance 

If you take your Nissan to an official Nissan dealership for service, it is possible that the warranty on your car might cover some or all of the services you need—especially if your car is still fairly new and the services you need only include simple maintenance services. 

Local auto body shops are not required to honor vehicles’ dealership warranties, and most do not—which means you can save a lot of money by taking your car in to get serviced at an official Nissan car dealership. 

  1. Faster Service 

Because the service and parts centers at official Nissan dealerships only service Nissan vehicles, they have the right equipment to service Nissan vehicles and a wide array of Nissan parts available at any given time. 

If your Nissan needs a part replacement, chances are good that your local Nissan dealership will be able to replace that part right away using one of the parts they already have on hand. An independent auto body shop, on the other hand, will likely have to order the right part for your vehicle—which can significantly extend the amount of time your car is stuck in the shop. 

  1. Better Customer Service 

Official Nissan dealerships operate underneath the umbrella of major auto brand Nissan itself. This means that official Nissan dealerships are contracted to keep Nissan customers happy—both with the vehicles they sell and the maintenance and repair services they provide.

In order to continue operating as a part of the Nissan brand, official Nissan dealerships must have a high customer satisfaction rate—so you’re more likely to get higher-quality, more attentive customer service from an official Nissan dealership than from an independent auto body shop that does not have as much of a stake in their customer satisfaction ratings. Schedule your Nissan service today!