When you think of an all-electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF is likely the first model to come to mind. While all-electric vehicles are now pretty commonplace on the mainstream auto market, this was not always the case. Just a few short years ago, the all-electric vehicle market was nothing more than a barely emerging segment of the auto industry. Now, with Nissan Leaf technology leading the way, the EV has become more of an option for consumers. 

In 2010, Nissan revolutionized the all-electric vehicle market with the debut of the Nissan LEAF—a compact five-door hatchback car that quickly became the number-one best-selling all-electric vehicle of all time. The Nissan LEAF is a plug-in electric car and the technology it uses laid the foundation for the EV technology that would become much more popular over the next few years as more automakers began trying their hand at designing and producing all-electric vehicle models. 

Just one year after making one of the biggest innovations in recent history in the auto industry, Nissan revolutionized the industry yet again with the release of the very first zero-emissions, all-electric race car in the history of the world. Nissan’s high-performance brand Nissan Motorsports (Nismo) debuted the Nissan LEAF-NISMO RC (Racing Competition) in 2011. This all-electric race car proved to be successful, and it’s second-generation began in 2018. 

If you’re intrigued by the idea of an all-electric plug-in racecar, you’re not alone. The release of the Nissan LEAF-NISMO RC surprised drivers and auto critics around the world. Here are 5 features that define this revolutionary, track-ready, all-electric race car from Nissan. 


There are still many widespread misconceptions in the auto industry that it is impossible for an all-electric car to be sufficiently powerful. However, the Nissan LEAF-NISMO RC model proves those misconceptions wrong once and for all. 

The second-generation LEAF-NISMO RC model is equipped with twin electric motors that deliver 322 horsepower and 472 lb.-ft. of torque. This race car can reach 62 MPH from 0 MPH in just 3.4 seconds. It is also equipped with all-wheel-drive, which improves the speed, smoothness, and power of this race car on the track. 


In order to improve its speed and agility on the race track, the Nissan LEAF-NISMO RC is built to be lightweight.

Nissan Leaf Technology

Nissan Leaf Technology

Its 3-piece body is built from carbon-fiber, which is an extremely lightweight material that is lighter but stronger and sturdier than steel. The lightweight yet strong and stable construction of this race car keeps the LEAF-NISMO RC moving swiftly around the race track without losing its balance. 


When you picture a race car, the first thing that comes to mind is likely a loud, powerful vehicle roaring around a race track. 

Noise doesn’t always signify functionality, though. The Nissan LEAF-NISMO RC is built to be quiet. It is practically silent as it races around the track, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold its own in competition with other race cars—it just performs more quietly. 


Inside its cabin, the Nissan LEAF-NISMO RC is quite bare. It has no trunk, no rear doors, no rear seats, no interior carpets, no display screen in front, etc. etc. 

There’s a good reason why this race car is so bare inside, though. A stripped-down interior allows the Nissan LEAF-NISMO RC to be more lightweight and prevents its speed and agility from getting bogged down by unnecessary interior features. 


Even after learning that an all-electric race car like the LEAF-NISMO RC exists, many drivers and critics are still skeptical about its functionality. After all, how can a battery-powered car compete with traditional race cars on the track? 

It turns out that the Nissan LEAF-NISMO RC is absolutely functional. Its wide, low silhouette keeps it steady and stable on the race track. Its oxygen-independent electric drivetrain allows it to perform well even in rough conditions and at high altitudes. 

Every feature of the LEAF-NISMO RC is built for functionality on the race track, and this all-electric race car does not disappoint when it’s time to perform. Its power and functionality have been demonstrated many times on various race tracks around the world, and the all-new second-generation Nissan LEAF-NISMO RC has even named the official pace car for the 2019 Nissan Micra Cup series in North America.

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