Here at Metro Nissan of Dallas, we pride ourselves in top-tier service when it comes to all aspects of buying and owning a Nissan.

That service ethic extends to one of our most important areas: the Service Department itself, which takes care of any bumps in the road of life your Nissan may encounter.

Pop-up repair shops and second-tier stores seem to be spreading more than ever. While competition is good, there comes a point where there’s too many choices for consumers to handle.

With so many options at your disposal for auto repair and maintenance, we’d like to take some time to talk about why you should always bring your vehicle to Metro Nissan.

Cost vs. Quality

Lots of competition means price wars are common. You may find cheaper quotes elsewhere, but you get what you pay for.

Do you really want to gamble the health and safety of you and your vehicle on the lowest bidder?

Here at Metro Nissan of Dallas, we use only high-quality, genuine parts straight from Nissan. You might save a few bucks replacing a strut with cheaper, lower-quality knock-offs, but the structural integrity of your vehicle may not be there when you need it. Cheaper parts may save cash upfront, but in an accident, they can literally cost you an arm and a leg.

Is saving a few dollars in your wallet worth it if you end up trading your life, or those of a loved one?

Unparalleled Knowledge

At Metro Nissan of Dallas, our technicians cannot be matched when it comes to knowledge of your vehicle and the techniques needed to maintain them.

Where other shops spend their time servicing vehicles of all backgrounds, our Service Department specializes in the Nissan vehicles we carry.

Before they work on your vehicle, our technicians have gone through extensive training to know every inch of Nissan’s products. As new technologies and techniques are developed, our staff is continuously updated with the latest training to maintain their mastery.

Other shops have to try and stay on top of the latest developments in far more fields. Someone who knows a little about a lot can’t beat the intense focus of our staff. Quality is better than quantity when it comes to knowing just what your vehicle needs.

Do you really want to take a chance on a technician that will take a chance on your car, using potentially dangerous practices and doing unnecessary work due to their lack of experience working with your vehicle?

Top-Tier Tools and Technology

Metro Nissan of Dallas provides higher budgets for our Service Department that smaller operations simply can’t match.

Increased funding allows our technicians access to the latest tools and technology available, and also gives our technicians the ability to replace equipment far more frequently than other shops. Old, worn-out tools and outdated technology can hurt your car more than they help.

Is it worth endangering your pristine pride and joy with tools that are far past their prime?

Reputation Matters

At Metro Nissan of Dallas, protecting your vehicle is no different than protecting our own.

Our business relies upon keeping strong ties with our customers and community, and the Nissan brand is too important to tarnish with shoddy shortcuts and slacking standards.

Smaller brands can afford to use potentially dangerous tricks and tactics, but Metro Nissan of Dallas must protect ourselves, our customers, and our brand.

You can trust us to do only what is needed, with the tools necessary and the techniques required. We aren’t going to jeopardize our name and that of Nissan by cutting a few corners to shave off a few cents.

Can you guarantee the same level of hard work and quality from someone with no name to protect or reputation to uphold?

Big Business Amenities

Getting your vehicle taken care of can be a time-consuming process, no matter where you go.

Smaller storefronts can’t afford or may not have the space for the comforts we provide for customers waiting on their vehicles to be finished.

Stuffy, uncomfortable waiting rooms with worn-out, battered chairs and old television screens from the 90s are far too common in smaller operations. However, here at Metro Nissan of Dallas, that isn’t the case. Car troubles can be stressful so we’re here to help ease the process as much as possible.

Step out of the hot, humid weather and cool down in our air-conditioned waiting room. Take a moment to unwind and relax in our brand-new, ultra-comfortable chairs. Grab some snacks or drinks to pass the time. You won’t find better comfort and care for both yourself and your vehicle anywhere else.

Don’t wait for hours in a room straight out of 1995! Relax in a brand-new, luxury-focused experience!