The 2019 Nissan Titan and the Titan XD are the two pickup truck models that make up the Nissan Titan lineup. Nissan released the first Titan model in the United States all the way back in 2003. The Titan’s first generation lasted from 2003 to 2015, and its second generation began in 2016. With the beginning of the Titan’s second generation in 2016 came the expansion of the Titan lineup to include both the regular Titan and the brand new Titan XD model. Let’s compare the Titan vs. Titan XD!

If you’re considering making a 2019 Nissan Titan your next vehicle, you might find yourself feeling torn between the Titan and the Titan XD. Both of these pickup trucks are high-performing, reliable vehicles. They are very similar to each other, but there are some notable differences between them that are important to understand if you’re in the process of deciding which of these two models is right for you.

2019 Nissan Titan

2019 Nissan Titan

Engine Options

One of the most notable differences between the regular 2019 Nissan Titan vs. Titan XD is in their available engine options. The standard engine—a powerful 5.6-L V-8 engine that produces 390 horsepower and 394 lb.-ft. of torque—is the same for both the Titan and the Titan XD.

However, the Titan XD is exclusively available with an optional 5.0-L turbocharged diesel V-8 engine that produces 310 horsepower and 555 lb.-ft. of torque. When equipped with this upgraded engine, the Titan XD is also available with 6-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive that offers a smoother ride for both drivers and passengers.

Towing and Payload Capacities

The 2019 Titan XD boasts significantly higher towing and payload capacities as compared to the regular Titan.

While the regular 2019 Titan has a 9,380-pound maximum towing capacity and a 1,620-pound payload capacity, the Titan XD can tow up to 12,830 pounds and has a payload capacity of up to 2,990 pounds when equipped with an upgraded diesel engine.

Exterior Style

The 2019 Titan and the Titan XD models look almost exactly alike. They both feature a straightforward design that prioritizes functionality and purpose. While the exact measurements of both pickup models are slightly different, these differences are only marginal and are virtually invisible.

2019 Titan XD Pro-4X - Unstoppable Performance

2019 Titan XD Pro-4X – Unstoppable Performance

If you’re curious, the Titan XD is marginally larger than the regular Nissan Titan model in length, width, and height. The Titan XD’s slightly larger bed is a pro for many drivers who are looking for maximum cargo space, but the regular Titan’s lower ride height and slightly smaller size makes it both easier to drive and more accessible for both drivers and passengers.

Cab Style Options

Both the 2019 Nissan Titan and the Titan XD are available in three different cab styles. These cab styles include one 2-door option (a regular cab) and two 4-door options (a 4-door extended King cab and a 4-door crew cab).

The available cab styles for both of these models are dependent on trim level. There are 5 different trim levels for both Nissan Titan models—S, SV, Pro-4X, SL, and Platinum Reserve—all of which are common among the Titan and the Titan XD. The 4-door crew cab is available in all trim levels, but the 2-door regular cab is only available in the S and SV trim levels and the extended King cab is available in the S, SV, and Pro-4X trim levels. As such, the SL and Platinum Reserve trim levels of the Titan and Titan XD are all automatically equipped with a 4-door crew cab style.

One difference between the structure of the Titan and that of the Titan XD is that the Titan XD comes with an upgraded platform. This exclusive platform allows the Titan XD to qualify as a medium-duty pickup, whereas the regular Titan is a classic heavy-duty pickup truck.

Tech Features

The Titan and the Titan XD are both equipped with an excellent, high-tech infotainment system that includes a built-in 7-inch touchscreen display with standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability, Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free voice commands, a navigation system, and many entertainment options.

Other notable tech features that come as standard features in both the Titan and the Titan XD include keyless entry, built-in USB port(s), a rearview camera, and a four-speaker audio system. High-tech advanced safety features—such as blind-spot warning, rain-sensing wipers, rear cross-traffic alert, and more—are also available as optional add-ons in upper trim levels of both the Titan and the Titan XD.


Affordability is another major difference between the regular Nissan Titan vs. Titan XD. While the 5 available trim levels are the same for both the Titan and the Titan XD, these trim levels are available at different prices depending on which model you choose.

All in all, the standard 2019 Titan model is significantly more affordable than the 2019 Titan XD, which might make or break the decision of many drivers on a budget.